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Attractive Features

  • Loan avail in 5 minutes.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Interest rates starting from 0.83% per month.
  • Avail loan up to 2 Crore.
  • Doorstep loan facility also available above five lakhs.

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CEO’s Message:


Thank you for your interest in our company. As you browse through this website you will discover why ICHIBAAN FINANCE PVT.LTD has today emerged as the most influential name in the Diamond loan business In India.

It is undoubtable that Gold and Diamond loans have a distinctive place in the Indian financial sector with potential and possibilities unlike any other. It begins with the well known fact that India has the world’s largest stock of privately held Gold & Diamonds.

The Gold & Diamond loan business is about unleashing the hidden power of this gold and diamonds bringing to life what is otherwise a dead investment. The market potential for gold and diamonds loans in India is vast. Less than 10% of our private gold and diamonds has been monitised. The rest lies idle in safes and vaults in millions of home across India. This is why, in a country keen to promote financial against gold and diamonds loans are now recognized as a powerful tool to achieve this objective.

ICHIBAAN FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED stands at the forefront of India’s guest to convert its gold and diamonds into a relevant business opportunity. We are proud to have transformed this age old activity by introducing scale, transparency and professionalism to this business. A gold and diamond loan is among the safest loans products with the lowest delinquencies. At ICHIBAAN, we lend mostly against household used jewellery and our default rates are 0.83% .

And so its no surprise that we are one of the first companies in India who provide loan against diamond also. We are becoming one of the leading Non banking financial companies in India.

As for the future. I believe that gold and diamond loans will continue to do well even as the rate of growth slow down on account of recent regulatory interventions. All the same from the days when gold and diamond loans were considered taboo because it was thought to be a sign of desperation, we have now come to a stage where more and more people in India will wake up to the power of the gold and diamond they own. And this must be mentioned, ICHIBAAN FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED has played the stellar role in countering prejudice, shaping attitudes and in game ring wider acceptance for gold and diamond loans.


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