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At, Ichibaan Finance Private Limited, we provide you gold loans for any requirements at attractive interest rates. You also enjoy a host of other benefits such as easy documentation, quick loan disbursal, long repayment tenure etc.

Why Choose Gold Loans

Easy and quick approval

Gold loans are typically secured loans, where gold jewelry or ornaments are used as collateral. Since we hold physical gold as security, the approval process is often faster and requires minimal documentation.

Lower credit requirements

Gold loans are secured by collateral, so we are more lenient regarding the borrower’s credit history which makes our gold loans accessible to individuals with lower credit scores or those who may have difficulty obtaining unsecured loans.

Competitive interest rates

Gold loans often have lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans like personal loans or credit cards.

Flexible repayment options

We offer flexible repayment options, for our Gold loan. The customer can pay even before their gold tenure and save upon unnecessary interest instalments.

No end-use restrictions

Unlike some other types of loans, gold loans usually do not have specific restrictions on how the borrowed funds can be used. Borrowers have the freedom to utilize the loan amount as per their requirements.

No income proof required

Since gold loans are secured by collateral, we do not require extensive income proof or employment verification. This makes it easier for individuals with irregular income or those who are self-employed to access funds.

Loan amount based on gold value

The loan amount the customer can get through a gold loan is typically determined by the value of the gold you pledge. This means that even if you have a low credit score or limited income, you can still secure a loan based on the appraised value of your gold.

Shorter loan tenure

Gold loans usually have shorter tenures compared to other loans. This can be beneficial for those who prefer to repay their debts quickly, avoiding a long-term financial commitment.

Preservation of emotional value

Gold jewelry often holds sentimental or emotional value for individuals. By opting for a gold loan instead of selling the jewelry, borrowers can retain ownership of their cherished possessions while still obtaining the required funds.

Minimal or no prepayment charges

In case you wish to repay the loan before the agreed tenure, gold loans generally have lower or no prepayment charges. This can help borrowers save on interest costs if they have the means to repay the loan earlier than expected.

Key Benefits and Features
Free Insurance

We offer free insurance which provides protection against unexpected financial losses.

Lowest Interest Rate

Enjoy lower rates as compared to other gold loan companies.

Quick approval

We provide you instant gold loans where loan is approved in less than 5-10 minutes.

Maximum Value

Get upto 75% of the gold articles pledged with us as the loan amount and take the financial leap.

Easy Documentation

Anyone can apply for a gold loan only with aadhar card and pan card.

Timely Reminders

No chance of missing out on interest installments. Stay updated with our reminders and enjoy the advantage of 3 days grace period.

Loan Amount

For your comfort and convenience, we provide a loan amount for as low as 18000.

Instant Liquidity

Avail loan in less than 30 minutes and move towards financial freedom.

Documents required to process your application:

Submit any 2 documents from the below options to get gold loan instantly.

PAN Card, Aadhar Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Voter’s ID Card

Other Supporting:

Electricity Bill, Water Bills, Rent Agreement, Bank Statement, Educational Qualification



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If you are looking for the best possible way to raise financial support – Ichibaan Finance is here to cater to your needs in services. Also, we have refer a friend policy. We give 0.5% commission of the loan amount.

Get 0.5% Commission
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